Can You Soft Boil An Egg In A Cup Of Hot Coffee?

I can't start the day until I've had my java but I rarely have time to make eggs for breakfast. Perhaps there's a way to kill two early birds with one stone. Today we're trying to make both at the same time — in the same cup.

In this quick video we're seeing if freshly made coffee is really hot enough to cook an egg, a supposed time-saving tip. Click on the above clip to see how we fared!


    I would of thought coffee from a coffee machine would be about 20'c too cold, what about boiling water from a kettle?

      sit eggs in boiled water from a kettle for about 10 minutes should be enough to soft-boil them

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    I tried it on a work trip a few weeks ago - 30 minutes with multiple changes of boiling water was only mildly successful, the white was partially solidified, but still very milky and runny.

    Even if it worked, I'd have reservations with the outer shell coming into contact with less than boiling liquid which I'd then be supposedly drinking.

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