Briefly: Scary Cults, Beaut New Zealand, No Man's Sky

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers, including: 10 of the most amazing views in New Zealand, watch four minutes of footage from the video game No Man's Sky, the scariest cults in human history.

  • Here are 10 of the most amazing views in New Zealand, courtesy of Business Insider.
  • No Man's Sky is an upcoming space exploration video game that allows you to explore billions of worlds. It's looking pretty amazing — here's four minutes of new footage.
  • Some cults are so well-known they can be described with a single word: Manson, Waco, Jonestown. Others may not be as iconic, but still provide plenty of nightmare fuel. Gizmodo takes a look at some of the worst.
  • Udemy has slashed the price of 23 of its courses by 100%. Available courses include Microsoft Word VBA Macro Programming, Learn Java Step by Step and C Programming DIY. Click here to see the full list.


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