Briefly: Aussie Dollar Surges, Gayageum Nirvana, Feminist Hacker

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Aussie dollar bounces back, the madness of South Australia's R18+ video game laws.

Photo: Business Insider

  • Since 2012, plain tobacco packaging laws forced stores to sell cigarettes absent of all branding in an attempt to dissuade young people from buying them. In South Australia, the same laws apparently apply for R-rated video games. Kotaku investigates.
  • The Australian dollar is surging towards 75 percent of the US dollar; its highest level seen since mid-July last year. Business Insider has the story.
  • On the weekend, MMA fighter scored a huge upset by choking out world champion Conor McGregor. Kotaku explains why the motor-mouthed Irishman absolutely needed to lose.
  • Whether you love or hate the band Nirvana, this autistic cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit on an ancient Korean Gayageum is well worth a listen.
  • To commemorate International Women’s Day, here are seven steps to turning men into feminists, courtesy of POPSUGAR.


    "this autistic cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit" she doesn't look at all socially awkward to me...

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