Be Inspired By These DIY Board Gaming Tables

Hardcore board gamers know that a standard kitchen table usually isn't good enough for the more, uh, expansive titles such as Firefly or Arkham Horror. A solid, square table, say 1.5 x 1.5m, is a better choice, but if you have even a tiny crafting bone in your body, you might be tempted to make one yourself. But where do you start?

Photo by Geek Chic

Cinematographer Webb Pickersgill has a soft spot for board games and particularly gaming tables. Over on his site he's put together an excellent collection of purpose-built furniture pieces.

The article starts with the brilliant array of designs from Geek Chic. You can see one of the outlets more elaborate creations above, called "The Vizier". While crafting your own replica is probably out of the question, feel free to steal some ideas for your own use.

If you're after more down-to-earth inspiration, Pickersgill also ranks a number of home-brewed table designs, ranging from modified coffee tables featuring felt tops, to complex designs with sunken centres, drawers, shelves and even cup holders.

Each has a link to its creator's website if you need to chase up more information and Pickersgill's helpful distils the pros and cons.

Maybe not a project you'll get done in a weekend, but now's a great time to get planning.

Coolest DIY Gaming Tables [Webb Pickersgill, via MAKE]


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