ANZ Launches Tool To Help Entrepreneurs Set Up Small Businesses

Australian bank ANZ has released a tool that can speed up the process of getting a small business set up for customers. The tool is called Business Ready and is powered by start-up Business Switch. Here's what you need to know.

Business Ready is a result of a collaboration with Business Switch and uses the startup's Honcho service platform.

With ANZ's Business Ready tool, customers can register their Australian Business Number, business and domain name, fire up a basic website, set up an email address and ANZ business account through one portal. It's a monthly subscription service starting from $26 per month.

"The single biggest issue that new small businesses face is time. Being able to fast track starting up a business from weeks to hours with only a small capital outlay enables people to start earning revenue faster and to concentrate on building their customer base,” Honcho CEO Matthew Abrahams said.

You can find out more information on Business Ready along with pricing details over at the ANZ Business Ready website.


    As an entrepreneur (I hate that word) that's gone from $30 in the bank to $100k in 2 years, I can tell you the things new startups need. Hint, it's not an email address...

    - Help me register my company (not apply for a sole trader ABN)
    - Help me choose the correct structure for my company
    - Provide advice on how to invest personal money into the company
    - Provide a 18/7 tax accountant number that I can call and ask advice.
    - Recommend the accounting tools I should be using and provide a basic guide on how to use them before I start the company.

    Finance matters are the banks strengths, and they should use that strength. Don't charge people $26 a month to setup a website, email address and register them as a sole trader,

    Last edited 03/03/16 2:18 pm

    ANZ really helped me.. Told me that I could set up a company account over the phone and submit ID/Paperwork at their Seoul branch.
    Now as a Digital Nomad (I kinda hate this word but yeah ppl know) after a 2 month run around and money relatively pouring into the account I must trek my way back 8000k's to AU so I can get my hands on this money..
    Damn I was heading to the states from here but this is a huge spanner in the works.

    Also right now their nginx server is down or misconfigured,
    400 Bad Request

    they are hosting it in AU at rackspace but yeah should have gone AWS autoscaling like even my small SaaS co does

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