15 Things You May Not Know About Women’s Sex Lives

Which country has the most sex? When is a woman most likely to be frisky? What’s one thing that women would rather give up sex for? We have the answers to these questions, which will hopefully help you understand your partner (if they so happen to be female) a little better.

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Here are some facts released by fertility tracking app, Glow, based on data it has collected from its female users around the world:

  1. Want more sex? Move to Canada. Canadians have sex 45% more often than the average Glow user.
  2. But beware: Canada is also a great place to get pregnant. Canadian women get pregnant 21% more easily than the average Glow user.
  3. Australians are also having a lot of sex — 37% more than the average user.
  4. Australians are also getting pregnant. They have a 14% higher pregnancy rate than the average user.
  5. The US is a good place to get lucky, too. Americans have sex 16% more than the average user.
  6. The worst place to get lucky? Latin America. They are having the least amount of sex, almost 4% less than the average user.
  7. A woman’s sexual appetite corresponds to her monthly cycle. Her cycle starts with the first day of her period. It usually lasts about five days. So days one to five are when she’s least interested in sex.
  8. Lots of women report changes in energy level or mood at that time, which tend to lower their sex drive. Women aren’t that into sex for about another week after their periods end.
  9. Everyone starts having sex again on day 12.
  10. Most women are pretty much having sex regularly on days 12 to 14, which Glow calls the “peak sex” period.
  11. In fact, women feel most sexy and want sex the most on days 13 and 14. But here’s something interesting: They aren’t necessarily having the best, most satisfying sex at this time.
  12. Women feel most happy on days 15 to 16, halfway through their cycle and after they’ve had a bunch of sex the previous couple of days.
  13. Glow users have logged 7.6 million sexual encounters in two years.
  14. Sadly, despite all the sex women are having, not everyone is satisfied with it. Almost one-third of women polled said they’d rather give up sex than their mobile phones.
  15. But that still means that two-thirds would rather give up their phones than sex.

This article first appeared on Business Insider Australia.

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