Windows 10 Is Showing Ads On Your Lockscreen, Here's How To Turn Them Off

Windows 10 Is Showing Ads On Your Lockscreen, Here's How to Turn Them Off

Windows 10's new Spotlight feature usually shows you neat photographs and fun facts when you first start your computer. Now, it's started showing ads. Here's how to turn it off. Tips site How-To Geek discovered that Windows Spotlight — which normally rotates between a selection of photographs — was being used to display an ad for Square Enix's Rise of the Tomb Raider. Understandably, most people probably don't want to be hit in the face with a full-screen ad for a video game before they even unlock their computer. If you want to make sure you're not hit with these ads, follow these steps to disable Windows Spotlight:

  1. Open the Start Menu and search for "Lock Screen Settings".
  2. Under "Background", select either Picture or Slideshow, instead of Windows Spotlight.
  3. Scroll down to "Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and more on your lock screen" and this toggle.

Apparently the "and more" is where Microsoft hid the advertisements. If you like the Windows Spotlight feature and just don't want to see ads, How-To Geek points out that you can select a drop-down menu when you see the ad and provide feedback saying you don't want to see more content like this. It's yet to be seen if this will remove all ads, or just ads for video games, but it's worth a shot if you really like Windows Spotlight.

How to Disable Ads on Your Windows 10 Lock Screen [How-To Geek]


    I swear, if Windows wasn't the best PC Gaming platform, I'd jump ship to a Linux variant. Microsoft have started taking liberties with this latest iteration of Windows and I'm getting sick of having to toggle half a dozen switches just to keep up with my personal privacy settings.

      Seriously - is it that difficult? God forbid a company trying to make money... At least they give you an option to turn it off. First world problems hey...

        Jesus mate, dial it back a notch! I'm pretty sure Microsoft make enough money, without going down this path and as for the option to turn it off, firstly it shouldn't be necessary and secondly I shouldn't have to turn it off, I should be able to opt in!

          I was just trying to put some perspective on your view, that's all. I'm not the one wailing over the injustice of having to toggle a few switches. Get a blackboard and some chalk - I can guarantee you won't have to opt in on anything... playing games might be a bit hard. Welcome to capitalism - wait until all the games come with in-game ads too, which I suspect won't be able to be opted out of...

            Hey, angry man. This is a forum, people are entitled to their say without you getting all belligerent about it. Just saying dude, wind down the anger meter a touch. I'm done with this now.

              Fair enough you can have a view but is anyone else allowed an alternate view?
              I was just (badly) attempting to put it in perspective... I mean we could be living in Syria. Wasn't meant as an attack.
              PS How do you know I'm a man???

      I share the same frustration as you and hence, I am building a Pfsense firewall, so that I can block what comes in, or goes out.

      You could use a personal firewall to block certain Windows traffic. For instance, I have blocked Cortana and a few other things.... That gives me some more control and my privacy back to a degree.

    I use windows spotlight, i have never seen an ad on my lockscreen.

      Give it time, my friend. give it time

    They're recouping lost revenue from the free upgrades.

    What a BS thing to integrate...

    On a PC, I don't really see the need for a lock screen.

    It's easy enough to disable and go straight to the login screen. In Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) - Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - Control Panel - Personalisation - Do not display the lockscreen, right click and select "enable".

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