Why It’s Important To Show Yourself Some Compassion

Why It’s Important To Show Yourself Some Compassion

Video: A bad habit that many of us share is that we trash talk a lot… to ourselves. Recognising our mistakes can be healthy and productive, but constantly thinking nothing we do is ever good enough — well, not so much. Here’s a powerful reminder that we could all use more self-love.

Self-compassion, or generally being a little nicer to ourselves, is something a lot of us lack. This charmingly animated video from The School of Life shares some real truths about achievement, and about falling short, to help you stop being so hard on yourself.

The video helps you recognise that messing up is normal and human, not because you suck, or you’re somehow less than you should be. Despite all the attention on what “success” looks like, smaller, undetectable everyday failures are the norm. Yes, even luck plays a part in getting the opportunities that lead to good things. And the most important thing to remember? You are not only your achievements.

Self Compassion [The School of Life]

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