What's The Windows 10 Adoption Rate Among IT Pros?

It's been six months since Windows 10 launched and while Microsoft itself has been boasting that the operating system has been installed on more than 200 million devices worldwide, how many IT professionals are actively using it in their organisations? The numbers are in.

Spiceworks is a website that facilitates a community of IT professionals from around the world to share ideas and collaborate. Even before the launch of Windows 10 back in July last year, Spiceworks has been tracking the expected adoption rate of Microsoft's new operating system among IT workers. Now, six months after the launch, the website has decided to check in with its network of users to see who is using Windows 10 and whether the numbers meet expectations.

Back before Windows 10 dropped, 40 per cent of IT professionals in the Spiceworks community predicted their company would take up Windows 10 within one year. As of now, 18 per cent of IT workers have reported their business is running Windows 10. This means the operating system is well on track to meet the 40 per cent expected adoption rate by the end of July 2016.

Approximately 40 per cent have three or more Windows 10 devices, which indicates that while some companies are still testing on one or two machines, there is a sizable amount of organisations that have started to move past the initial testing phases.

According to these findings, Windows 10 remains the most quickly adopted Windows operating system ever to be released. Spiceworks noted:

"It took approximately 1 year for Windows 7 and more than 15 months for Windows 8 to pass the 200 million device usage mark. Windows 10 accomplished the same feat in approximately half the time of Windows 7. Additionally, Spiceworks data shows that the Windows 8 penetration rate in businesses was only 9.3% after 6 months of its launch. In contrast, Windows 10 penetration reached a rate nearly twice as high within the same time period."

The website also saw penetration rates to be higher in North America, at 19.3 per cent while Asia-Pacific lagged behind at 14.4 per cent. Windows 10 has been found to be more popular at the larger end of town. Here's the breakdown of the results based on organisation size:

Spiceworks graph on Windows 10 adoption rate by organisation size.

Has your organisation adopted Windows 10 yet? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Spiceworks Blog]


    "It took approximately 1 year for Windows 7 and more than 15 months for Windows 8 to pass the 200 million device usage mark. Windows 10 accomplished the same feat in approximately half the time of Windows 7"

    Wouldn't that be because Windows 10 was pushed to all Windows 7 and 8 users, automatically downloaded and then the user prompted to upgrade then and there?

      I disagree, I think it's probably because
      1: Win8 users were desperate for anything else.
      2: Win10 was free.

      Given these two facts, that rate of Win10 pickup is abysmal, and reflects the product's quality.

      Just want to point out that this is 'Windows 10 adoption rates in a business environment, Most Professionals would use managed updates and would be part of a domain.
      If both these are true none of the computers on the network or domain would have been prompted for windows 10 upgrade via windows update.

      So in theory these numbers if they are solely computers they are measuring, would mean that the IT depts of these companies would have consciously updated to Windows 10.

      This infact would be increased by any company that uses Bootcamp on newer iMacs considering Apple will not allow you to install anything but 8.1 or 10 via bootcamp now.

    I predict the Intel Skylake architecture will push Win10 to the masses for continued support from Microsoft, unless their using AMD or simply don't care.

    Last edited 24/02/16 5:17 pm

    Microsoft's Windows 10 upgrade figures are just marketing guff anyway. Their claimed 200 million total for Win10 upgrades actually includes Xbox Ones and Lumia smartphones - they're not breaking out PC upgrade numbers. Any comparisons made with these Win10 figures against previous versions is pointless.

    This I.T professional has a very definite timeline for installing Windows 10. As far as I'm aware, Hell hasn't frozen over yet.

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