Use Tomato Sauce In A Pinch To Clean And Polish Your Silver Jewellery

If your silver jewellery is starting to look a little bit grody, treat it like a meat pie and start slathering some tomato sauce on. It can help you get that necklace looking like new. As tips site PureWow demonstrates in the video above, ketchup is pretty good at cutting through the tarnished build up on your silver jewellery. The acid in the tomato sauce reacts with the silver sulfide that forms on the top of your silver objects.

Of course, when you're dealing with grandma's heirlooms, you may be understandably hesitant to smear condiments all over it. As the Daily Mail points out, the acid in the ketchup is what's allowing this reaction to happen, and it's not a very efficient delivery method. You can accomplish a similar task with some aluminium foil and some vinegar, or even just buying some cheap tarnish remover. However, if you're in a rush and you need to MacGyver this jewellery in a hurry, the ketchup can give you a little bit of a helping hand. Just don't expect a total miracle. Expect to do a little scrubbing once it's soaked in for a bit.

PureWow Presents: How to Clean Silver with Ketchup [PureWow]


    Shiny and I bet still smells like tomato sauce.

      Is licking your jewellery acceptable these days?

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