Turn The Chromecast Into A Standalone Media Player, No Internet Required

Turn The Chromecast Into A Standalone Media Player, No Internet Required

The Chromecast is a pretty awesome media player that pays for itself. If you want to use it without the internet, though, you’re fresh out of luck. This custom ROM can change that. XDA user rundgong has created a custom ROM that allows you to turn the Chromecast into a local media player, no internet required. While it’s super rudimentary — all playback controls are handled by the one small button on the Chromecast itself — it can be handy in some rare situations. Say you want to use it in a hotel without setting up your own Wi-Fi hotspots. Or you can try it because it’s just cool. Keep in mind that this will wipe your Chromecast, so don’t use this on a device you also plan to use normally.

[ROM] rCast – Chromecast as a standalone media player without wifi [XDA via Android Community]


  • What am I missing here? Has this rom change just turned the chromecast into a USB memory stick?

    In a hotel, if you don’t have a laptop and wish to plug into a TV, if that TV has a USB port, it will probably play media, too.

    I’m really struggling to see the value in this.

    Don’t get me wrong, it is great people are looking to develop alternative uses for technology, but this just doesn’t seem to have a purpose.

    • I haven’t found many TV media players with great codec support. Does this expand on the basics?

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