Turn A Broken Umbrella Into A DIY Waterproof Tote Bag 

Turn a Broken Umbrella into a DIY Waterproof Tote Bag

If you have an umbrella that has been broken by rainy weather, a little work will turn it — or at least the fabric part — into a waterproof tote bag you can use, instead of tossing the whole thing in the bin. Image from Untrendy Life.

You don't need great sewing skills for this project, but a sewing machine will make it a lot easier. Besides the fabric from the umbrella, you'll need some thread, an iron, a pair of scissors and a smooth surface to cut on. That's about it. Remove the umbrella fabric from the metal frame, and keep the velcro strap to close the umbrella.

From there, you'll either want to follow the linked instructions carefully, or you'll need a reusable shopping bag you can use as a template. You'll want to fold the fabric back to form the shape of your bag, trim off the excess and then sew the whole thing closed.

Add the velcro strap, and wrap it around the rolled back for easy storage. Now you have a waterproof tote that rolls up tightly, closes with its own strap, and can go into your actual carry-all until you need it. For a step-by-step visual guide to this project, check out the link below.

Broken Umbrellas Aren't Trash [Untrendy Life]


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