Top Social Media Challenges Faced By Businesses

Businesses of all sizes have jumped on the social media bandwagon, using things like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote their brands. Some SMBs don't even have a website and opts to use social media as the main way for consumers to discover them online. But using social media for business is a tricky affair and a recent survey breaks down the challenges companies face when using this medium.

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Hootsuite, a company that creates social media management tools, recently surveyed 100 executives and managers across a number of industries in Australia and found that 87 per cent of respondents believed social media provides a competitive advantage. But it's realising this competitive advantage that businesses struggle with.

Here are the challenges that Australian companies face when it comes to using social media:

  1. Content creation (30 per cent)
  2. Social media measurement (18 per cent)
  3. Content distribution (on various channels simultaneously (15 per cent)
  4. Ability to monitor and feedback quickly across channels (12 per cent)
  5. Tracking competition (12 per cent)
  6. Assigning authority to multiple team members to publish content (12 per cent)

It's no surprise that content creation is still the leading hurdle for businesses using social media to boost their brands. There are many instances where a stray Tweet has landed companies in hot water. Sometimes, what seems like a good idea to execute on social media could end up biting companies back in the butt (remember the #YourTaxis debacle last year?).

There's no easy way to address the issue of content creation but doing your homework and having the plan before engaging with folks on social media is a wise move. You can refer to our Four Tips For Businesses Developing A Social Media Strategy article for guidance.


    I'm surprised to not see something along the lines of "Ensuring account security" up there. Too many companies (and individuals) seem to have their accounts hi-jacked. Which is disappointing given that it's so easy to avoid.

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