Can You Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew?

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Video: What do you do when you have a lovely bottle of wine but your corkscrew has gone missing? When teetotaling is not an option, there are countless unconventional ways that people claim you can open a bottle of wine. We put them to the test.

Tip Tester is a new video series in which we’re evaluating commonly touted “life hacks”, and today we’re partaking in the classic battle of man versus cork. Let’s say you’ve misplaced your corkscrew and you need to MacGyver the situation with whatever you have on hand. As per common advice we found online, we tried trying to open a bottle of wine using a screw, paperclips and a shoe. Are any of these option possible? Sure, but we wouldn’t recommend it.


  • I’ve done it with the “hole-maker-spike-thingy” on a Swiss army knife. (Ironically the Swiss army knife was a model without a corkscrew). Jam it into the top of the cork at an angle and start lifting, when it was a little bit out, re-position the spike thingy into the side of the cork and lift.

    Failing that, just push the cork into the bottle. You might end up with some bits, but at least you got wine to drink.

  • One of the main reasons they stopped using cork in Australian wine was the quality of the cork being supplied to Australian wineries. When cork was becoming scarcer and more expensive about a decade ago, wineries were just bearing the increased cost. However the major international supplies obviously decided that the Australian market was not important and supplied absolute rubbish which was sometimes barely fit for purpose. Other international wineries appeared not to have the quality problem to the same extent. Wineries were well aware of the damage it could do sales in overseas markets but really had no alternative but to move to screw caps. Of course these days screw caps have been demonstrated to offer some advantages over cork (and disadvantages as well).

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