This Is What The Australian Stock Market Looks Like After A Week-Long Pummeling

The Australian market closed with more losses today, ending a bad week for Aussie shareholders. The S&P/ASX 200 index is a market-capitalization weighted and float-adjusted stock market index of Australian stocks listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. This week, the index fell 4.2% and has fallen a whopping 10% since the start of 2016.

Here’s where things stand after today's disappointing scorecard:

  • S&P ASX 200: 4,765.30 -55.78 -1.16%
  • All Ordinaries: 4,816.60 -54.26 -1.11%
  • AUD/USD: 0.7103 -0.0005 -0.07%

[Via Business Insider]


    More honest headline: "How graphs lie"

    The above is only "bad" for shareholders if they have no choice but to sell shares right now.

    Otherwise, just hold onto them and wait for the market to normalise. Which it will sooner or later. The net trend over the past 10 - 50 years has been steadily positive overall, so shares are still a reasonable (long term) investment. If anything, now might be a good time to buy as with a bear market in effect, shares in reliable holdings (like the big four) are at very attractive prices.

    Though all of this is moot, as the savvy invester buys shares for the dividends. In which case, the ASX is doing well, as despite the recent downturns, few companies have gone ex-dividend. And that includes the miners.

    Last edited 14/02/16 10:29 am

      This only serves to perpetuate panic and drive the insecurity. I'm with you, hold them close and don't look.

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