There Are Better Ways To Say You're A 'Passionate' Person On Your Resume

If there's one word that's completely overused in resumes, it's "passionate". It's hard to blame people for using the word when they're applying for jobs. After all, employers do want passionate workers. The problem is, how do you differentiate yourself from all the other passionate people out there who are vying for the same job as you? Here are a few suggestions.

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Having passion means you have conviction in what you do and you have a fire inside you that makes you a go-getter. That's what employers want in a worker. But the word "passionate" is so overused by job applicants everywhere, it has become cliché and meaningless.

Career advice website The Muse has suggested a few ways to convey your passion. If you're trying to let your potential employer know that you're excited about the role you're applying for based on the job description, get into the specifics. For example, when you're applying for a role as a developer, instead of saying "I'm passionate about being a developer", try "I'm passionate about working with [programming language specified in the job description]" and flesh out the details from there.

If you're trying to show your tenacious side, you can list an example of how you managed to get the job done despite facing major challenges.

You can read more about alternatives to using "passionate" in your resume over at The Muse.

[Via The Muse]


    I agree completely. It is such an overused word it irritates me to see it. It seems lazy to use it. I refuse to use it on my resume, opting instead for more targeted phrasing.

    You could're passionate about it?


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