The Hazy Desktop

The Hazy Desktop

Smog is usually the opposite of picturesque, but joergermeister manages to take this hazy cityscape and turn it into a remarkable desktop. If you like the look, here's what you need to get to make it your own.

You might not be able to tell straight away, but this is Windows 10, just with a little of the usual Rainmeter magic. Here's what you'll need to set it up:

There are definitely a few moving parts in this one, but the greyed out look is nice, even if you definitely don't want to breathe whatever's in the air in that shot. Plus, it's customised and personalised, but not at all distracting when it's time to open a few windows and get down to business. If you like what you see, let joergermeister know about it over at his Flickr page, linked below.

Pimp My Desktop Part 65 [Flickr]


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