The College Corner Workspace

The College Corner Workspace

It might look huge at first, what with the sheer amount of gear in the shot, but Adam is a college student, and this is his room. Some smart use of vertical space and you have a nook that's perfect for work and play.

There are three computers in the shot here, technically four if you count the Raspberry Pi that's over on the left keeping the Justice League company. He explains there's a Dell XPS 8300, a Dell XPS M1330, a 20" Apple iMac (early 2009), and a Raspberry Pi 2, total, each with their own jobs. He doesn't specify exactly, but we're thinking the Pi is a media center since it's over there next to the receiver, the M1330 is a laptop, so it's probably connected to the big screen up top, the 8300 is powering the dual displays, and the iMac is on the right.

He doesn't explain what all of the systems do specifically, so we'll leave that to your imagination, but it's certainly an inspiring workspace. If you're looking through the photo and picking out some of the more interesting components in his setup (like the PlayStation 3 down there or the Yamaha receiver, for example), Adam does offer a full rundown of all of the items in the photo at the link below.

The College Workspace [Flickr]


    this seems more like a huge waste of space. The screen on the top looks like what is being used to watch media because it's surrounded by speakers, and the existence of the Mac seems to be to sync with the iPad unless there's a need to use some Apple specific software.

    Seems more like a geek fantasy (or lack of knowledge?) in having as much gear and screens as possible, and not consolidating the various bits. For instance, who actually needs a screen for an RPi, especially if it's just serving media. RPi's are traditionally debian builds and all you need is a decent piece of terminal software. If you need keyboard and screen control, a KVM would work well.

    Seems a waste having 2 laptops (one presumably as his primary workstation and second to display media - note screen on to the top actually looks like a TV rather than a monitor), when he could either run the Pi as the media server and player (Kodi), or run it using his primary workstation.

    the twin-screen set up is for gaming, while the top screen is for porn and the Mac is for streaming a game while the iPad is set to the game's Twitter hashtag.....All at the same time.
    The RPi is hooked up to a camera and sensor by the door. The camera streams the view outside the door and if the sensor detects movement, the RPi switches the top screen of porn off.
    So that's just a theory, I swear I've never done anything like that. ;)

    All paid thanks to mummy and daddy's money.

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