The 12 Tools You Need For Survival [Infographic]

Whether you're concerned about a weather-related disaster or a potential zombie apocalypse, you'll be glad to have all the necessary tools in place when the doo-doo hits the fan. This infographic can help you gather the items you'll need in an emergency.

Can opener picture from Shutterstock

The graphic comes from Emergency Essentials, which sells emergency gear and kits. Despite the company's obvious interest in selling you these products, most of the items on here are sensible, not unlike a doomsday list we featured previously. (That said, of course edit the list to your needs and ignore the stuff that's specific to the US.)

I like that it covers both a mobile 72-hour kit and supplies to gather at home, as well as a binder of important documents.

The 12 Types of Tools You Need for Survival, in One Graphic

12 Tools You Need for Survival [Emergency Essentials]


    Why use a can opener on a can which already contains a pull ring

      Take my pen knife my good man!

    A US survival kit that doesn't include a firearm?

    I'm impressed!

    So..not really a kit as such..generally a kit would be something you could pick and carry (backpack)..or even move around with a wheelbarrow.

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