Specs Breakdown: Samsung Galaxy S7 Vs. Samsung Galaxy S6 [Infographic]

On March 11, Samsung's hotly anticipated Galaxy S7 will be going on sale in Australia. It's being tipped as the best Galaxy smartphone yet, but how does it actually compare to its predecessor? This side-by-side infographic explains all the ways the two models differ.

Granted, the infographic below was produced by Samsung which has a vested interest in casting the S7 in the best light possible. Nevertheless, it provides an excellent breakdown of how the two phones differ. As you can see, the majority of features and specifications have been improved significantly.

One notable exception is the rear-facing camera's pixel-count which has dropped from 16-MP down to 12. According to Samsung, the new phone makes up for this with better low-light capabilities. It also allows for a smaller lens which doesn't protrude awkwardly from the phone's body. The Quad HD AMOLED display also remains largely unchanged.

Otherwise, there are a host of notable improvements on the S7 including a beefier battery, proper water-resistance, a zippier Snapdragon 820 processor and an additional gigabyte of RAM. The S7 also sees the return of a MicroSD slot; soemthing that was sorely lacking from the S6. For a thorough side-by-side comparison, check out the infographic below:

Are you planning to upgrade your S6 to the Galaxy S7? Let us know what you think of the new phone in the comments section below.

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[Via Samsung]


    an additional megabyte of RAM Wow a whole extra megabyte!

    Also, read-facing camera

      Well, that's left me read faced. Red. Whatevs.

        The Infographic below - Image does not show
        the See Also - Link does not work

        no more jagerbombs for you bro!

          Infographic and link are working fine on this end?

            Really "This image failed to load". its not coming up

    Yep that link be busted. I got nothing here on Win 10 PC Chrome browser.

    Which CPU does the S7 get in Australia?

    Snapdragon 820 or Exynos 8890?

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