Prepare Yourself For A Promotion With This Three-Phase Plan

It’s not typically easy to climb the ranks at any job, but some jobs, particularly hourly wage jobs, are harder than others. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, though. It just takes coming up with a plan, and that plan boils down to three important phases.

In the above video, Mike of personal finance channel Mike and Lauren explains the three general phases of angling yourself for a promotion. He discusses this in terms of going from hourly to salaried, but it’s useful advice for anyone looking to find a better role at their current job.

Phase 1: Prove You’re Responsible. The basics. Come to work earlier, deliver on time. Basically, you want to become your boss’s most reliable employee.
Phase 2: Become a Silent Influencer. As Mike puts it, “Silent influencers are the ones that are quick to perform and slow to take credit. They raise themselves up by bringing everyone else up with them.”
Phase 3: Become Invaluable. This is the point where you grow beyond what your current role or pay grade can offer. You’re primed and ready to ask for the promotion.

Obviously, there’s a lot that goes into each of these three phases, but these are the basic, crucial components in trying to climb the ranks. For more detail on each phase, check out the full video.

How to Get a Promotion [Mike and Lauren (YouTube)]


  • Phase 2: Become a Silent Influencer.

    In my personal experience, this never works, unless you happen to have a remarkable intelligent and aware boss. Loud speaking, boss-fraternising credit hoggers will happily reap the rightful rewards of “silent influencers” until they become their bosses, the kind that again, will reward the newer loud speaking, boss-fraternising credit hoggers. The silent influencer, will remain quiet and forgotten, yet the invaluable foundation of an ever-growing tower of mediocre management, and when he eventually collapses of overworked exhaustion or stress, the whole thing will come down with him.

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