Microsoft Updates Profiles Feature On Delve To Bring Workers Closer Together

Microsoft has updated the profile page feature on Delve, its Office 365 app for curating business documents. With the new feature, employees within an organisation can show more of their personality through customisable profiles. Delve received a revamp last year and now resembles a trimmed down social media network portal and this update takes it one step further. Here are the details.

Working in an office, particularly in a large organisation, you often exchange internal emails with each other. But how often are you able to get to know each other more, even just on a professional level? With the new Delve profile picture, employees now have a place to learn more about each other. Users are able to input their contact information, photo, work experience summary and expertise.

The profiles themselves are customisable and looks more like a cross between Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Employees are also able to view each other's recent activities on Delve so you can have a quick glance of what documents others in the company are working on, if you have been given permission to do so.

Through the Delve profiles, you can start Skype calls or send an email directly from the page.

Delve is included in selected Office 365 Enterprise subscription plans as well as Office 365 Business Essentials and Business Premium plans.

[Via Microsoft Office Blogs]


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