Make Your Own Conductive Greeting Card That Lights Up When Touched

Perhaps a bit late for Valentine's Day, but this surprisingly easy project could be just the thing to add a personal — and enlightening — touch to your next important date.

Photo: Lori Simpson

A card is a great accompaniment to a gift, sure, so one that lights up when touched can only be better. Over on Instructables, user Lori Simpson breaks down the steps involved in crafting this nifty cardboard device.

In terms of supplies, you'll need a card, copper foil tape (or pencil / conductive pen), a cell battery and an LED to match its output.

Once you have everything, it's a matter of assembly — backing the card with the tape, placement of the LED and sticking it together with an adhesive.

The beauty of the project is that there's no soldering or complicated electronics work involved, despite the end result.

Conductive Greeting Cards [Instructables]


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