Kogan Launches $16.95 Unlimited Prepaid Plan With 1GB Data

Kogan has brought out a new prepaid deal that offers unlimited calls and text with 1GB of data for $16.95. How does this compare with what Telstra, Optus, Vodafone and Amaysim has to offer? We break it down for you.

Last year, Kogan resurrected its mobile service after canning it in 2013 and brought out a set of plans starting from $29.95 per month for unlimited standard calls and text.

Kogan Mobile has now introduced a new base prepaid plan, 1XL, starting from $16.95 for unlimited calls and text with 1GB of included data for 30 days. You get a discount if you choose to recharge your account for larger increments of time:

Kogan Mobile runs on the Vodafone 3G network so don't expect superfast download speeds. The company plans to switch over to 4G this year but has not specified a time for when that's going to happen.

Currently, all the major telcos don't have comparable prepaid offerings, given most recharges hover around the $30 mark. The 1XL prepaid plan would be suitable for those who don't use their phones very often but would still like to have the flexibility to make calls and text when they need to without worrying about whether they have enough credits.

Here's a list of the lowest value prepaid plans from Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, Kogan and Amaysim:

Telco Cost per month Basic plan features
Telstra $30 for 28 days $700 worth of standard calls, unlimited SMS and MMS with 1.5GB data (bonus 1.5GB night data)
Optus $20 for 30 days 175 minutes of standard calls, unlimited SMS and MMS with 500MB data
Vodafone $30 for 28 days Unlimited standard calls, SMS and MMS with 1.5GB of data
Kogan $16.95 Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB of data (3G only for now. 4G coming soon)
Amaysim $24.90 for 30 days Unlimited standard calls, SMS, and MMS with 1GB data

You can get this deal from the https://www.koganmobile.com.au/">Kogan Mobile website


    No Vaya in price comparisons
    $24 unlimited calls and SMS, 1.5gig data
    $18 with $650 calls (278 x 2min calls), 1.5gig data.

    Both 4g.

    I'm happy on the $18 one i never come close to the call limit, and since im in wifi range for 90% of my data access i don't come reach data limit either (actually id sacrifice $300 of calls for more data or $5 a month less).

      I had Vaya for 6 weeks and when after 6 weeks they still hadn't managed to connect me to sms I gave them the flick!

        Never had a problem with Vaya myself, but as it goes someone has had issues with whoever you choose.

    @spandaslui why is the vodafone link redirecting to shop.vodafone.co.uk via http://go.skimresources.com/ ? skimresources looks pretty dodgy to me

      I have absolutely no idea. I just checked the code and it doesn't show any links. I certainly didn't put it in. I have updated the table just in case and now the link is gone. Will talk to our IT guys about this. Thanks for flagging!

      Dr Goole says:
      Skimresources.com is part of Skimlinks — a service that helps online publishers earn money. When links in publishers' content lead their users to click through and buy from an online retailer, we make sure they're rewarded! Don't worry, Skimlinks won't change your user experience, or how much you pay the retailer.

    Might be worth comparing with Boost's $20 a month plan. It's broadly similar: unlimited texts, 1GB of data. It's only 100 minutes of calls per month, but you do get an extra 500MB of data each weekend just for that weekend, so it's somewhere between 1GB and 3GB of data a month.

    "The 1XL prepaid plan would be suitable for those who don’t use their phones very often"

    Sure, because that's who 'Unlimited' plans are for...

    They're suitable for anyone in a Voda coverage area who uses less than 1GB/mth mobile data (common for the vast majority of people, especially if they have WiFi at home/work/both), regardless of their call patterns, whether they're on it 10 minutes a day or 10 hours.

    Vodaphone and Optus service is 99.9999999% useless in my area of a prominent city in Southern Queensland.

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