Killer Interview Question: What’s The Last Costume You Wore?

Did you dress up as Batman at a costume party recently? Or was it Superman? Maybe Catwoman? This week’s KIQ wants to know why you wore that costume.

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Warby Parker is a trendy online eyeglasses and sunglasses retailer. The company values employees who knows how to have fun. A job candidate for the business should match Warby Parker’s core value of injecting fun and quirkiness into work, life and everything they do.

To hire people that would fit into the company’s corporate culture, a question that Warby Parker co-founder and co-CEO David Gilboa likes to ask during interviews is “What’s the last costume you wore?”

It doesn’t really matter what costume it was, but Gilboa wants to know why you wore it.

“We find that people who are able to make the job environment fun build followership more easily,” Warby Parker cofounder and co-CEO David Gilboa said. “If we hire the most technically skilled person in the world whose work style doesn’t fit here, they won’t be successful.”

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[Via Business Insider Australia]


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