Include An Extrovert In Your Startup Team For Better Ideas

Assembling a solid team at the beginning phases of your startup can determine the success of your business. It might be worth recruiting an extroverted person to join your crew. Here's why.

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Stanford Graduate School Of Business recently conducted a study on 100 entrepreneurs who attended a three-week boot camp in India. They were put into groups and each team had to come up with ideas for wedding startup business in India, an industry worth around $US38 billion.

The research found that ideas from each individual in a team got better when there was an extrovert among them. According to the Stanford research team:

"These results together provide strong evidence that peer interaction — namely, interaction with extroverted peers — increases the quality of individual ideas. Further, we find evidence that this effect is larger for individuals more open to experience."

The Stanford study also covered how networking affects the quality of the cofounders that entrepreneurs find. You can read more about this over at the Stanford Business Insights blog.

[Via Stanford Business Insights blog.]


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