How To Watch The Super Bowl Online [Infographic]

Alongside apple pie, NASCAR and the phrase "y'áll", there are few things more American than the Super Bowl. This weekend, the 50th championship game of National Football League kicks off between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos. Here's how to watch the game Down Under for all you gridiron fans.

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Super Bowl 50 will air on Foxtel's ESPN channel on Monday 8 Feb. Live coverage will begin from 7:30am with kick-off scheduled for 10:30am AEDT.

If you don't have Foxtel, you can currently get a two-week free trial of Foxtel Play which includes access to every Foxtel channel, including ESPN. Crucially, the deal also comes with Foxtel Play, which means you can watch the game on your phone or tablet at work.

Free-to-air TV

Channel 7 is the official free-to-air broadcaster of the NFL. Live coverage will begin from 10:00am (AEDT) Monday morning. (Note: Perth will be showing the game on 7Mate from 7:00am.)

You can also watch a live stream on the PLUS7 App or via the Plus7 web browser from 10:00am AEDT.


If you want an authentic Super Bowl experience complete with its celebrated ad spots, you can sign up to a virtual private network (VPN) and watch CBS's official coverage. Once you're up and running, you can watch the live stream at CBSSports or download the CBS National Football League app to your platform of choice.

Head to the pub

Numerous sports bars and pubs around the country will be showing the game live. Check the establishments in your area and ensure they have plenty of large screen TVs.

You can find more information on watching the Super Bowl online via this infographic from SlickVPN.


    There's an xbox app for the console to watch the big game? Is that available in Australia?

    You know what would be good? A photo involving one of the teams playing...

      But then there would have been someone making an argument that they included a picture of the Broncos over one of the Panthers or vice versa. ;-)

      And since that's a photo from last year's Superbowl (Patriots v Seahawks), it's still relevant to the topic.

        But at least either would be relevant, given the article is about THIS year's SB.

    Is there a way you can watch a collation of the big Superbowl ads (without having to individually YouTube all of them)?

    (Short of using a VPN and using CBS)

    Last edited 05/02/16 3:59 pm

    Organised my day off for it cannot wait.

    Go SuperCam.

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