How To Quickly Make A Messy Home 'Guest Friendly' [Infographic]

If your house is anything like mine, it could probably pass for one of the sets to Animal House. (I blame the rug rats.) This can be problematic when you're expecting house guests at short notice — there's only so much junk and mess you can sweep under the rug. This infographic from rental site Wimdu explains how to make your home fit for a queen when time is in short supply.

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There are few things worse than being caught off-guard when guests come to visit. Instead of greeting them fondly at the door, you're forced to run around in manic terror trying to eradicate as much squalor as possible.

According to Wimdu, it’s possible to transform the filthiest of homes into a pristine abode with just a few hours' notice. The infographic below explains various small touches that can make a huge difference to how guests' perceive your home.

[Via Wimdu]


    How To Quickly Make A Messy Home 'Guest Friendly'
    - literally tidy and clean everything in every room.

    Cheers bro, totally helpful.

      yea, what i was gonna say. so basically clean your entire house.

      Don't forget to buy flowers, candles, toiletries, etc, etc ... and wash the dog.

      At our house, if they are last minute guests, especially forgetting to ring beforehand, then they take their chances just like everyone else!

      Last edited 02/02/16 5:43 pm

    So essentially "Tidy your fucking house you slob"

    No info chart needed.

    how is this quick? The chart basically equates to...clean your fucking house....
    The way i usually look at it is... would you bring a prospecting date back to this mess? if no then you need to clean if yes then well you may just be a slob and or single forever...

    so basically, pointless article...

    As others have pointed out: What? This isn't an info graphic on quickly cleaning your house, this is an info graphic on doing housework, or spring cleaning. Clean the oven? Make sure the bar is stocked? So, nip around to the bottle shop then. Organise seating to encourage conversation? Seriously, did an editor look at this article before posting? The info graphic isn't bad as a guide on "how to organise for guests", so use that as the title.

    This article also assumes you've got a few hours notice. If that's the case then yes just clean your mess. Who approved this article to be published? Sack them immediately.

    You're going to need a doubly long list and three times as much "emergency storage space" if you live in a house with kids though! As parents, we've got all these basic tricks down pat! Haha!

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