How Much Flavour You Get From Ginger Depends On How You Cut It

How Much Flavour You Get from Ginger Depends on How You Cut It

Ginger can kick up the spicy flavour and aromatics in your dish, but depending on whether you grate it, dice it or matchstick-chop it, you can dial in just the level of potency your dish demands. Here's what we mean. Image from Joel Kramer.

Cut fresh ginger into larger pieces for less flavour across the whole dish (and more when you bite into it) or mince or grate it for more of that spicy, peppery flavour and a bigger overall impact on your dish. For example, if you want to make ginger tea, you can use slices for a hint of ginger that won't overwhelm the tea. For a sauce or dressing grate the ginger instead to give it presence, and balance other strong flavours like soy sauce, not to mention add a ton of flavour to your dish.

Need to Kick Up Your Dish? Reach for (Mature) Ginger [The Kitchn]


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