Hold Option+Command When Selecting Text On A Mac For Precise Highlighting

Hold Option+Command When Selecting Text on a Mac for Precise Highlighting

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you might need to select a weird block of text that doesn't seem possible with the usual click and drag. For those moments, Redditor whosingsthings points out that Option+Command gives you a a more precise highlighting tool.

When you tap down Option+Command, your icon turns into a cross. Now you can select words and letters in a rectangle, regardless of line location or the word. This only seems to work in plain text tools and the exact use-case for this might be a little rare, but it's a handy tip nonetheless.

Mac Tip: You can highlight more precisely by holding Option+Command [Reddit]


    A lot of text editor programs on Windows support this with Alt+drag (not all programs though). Depending on the behavour of the program, it can be really handy for copying some text to the start of multiple lines at once.

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