Coles And Woolworths Lettuce Linked To Salmonella Outbreak

Coles And Woolworths Lettuce Linked To Salmonella Outbreak

Several brands of pre-packed lettuce mixes sold at Coles and Woolworths have been recalled following a major salmonella outbreak in Victoria. Affected products include Coles 4 Leaf Mix, Woolworths salad mix, SupaSalad Supamix and Wash N Toss salad mix; all of which are sold in multiple states and territories.

The Victorian Department of Health has issued a food recall for prepackaged salad mixes found in Coles and Woolworths grocery stores. The affected mixes all come from Victorian company Tripod Farmers. Consumers are warned not to eat batches with a best before date of February 14 or earlier.

Some of the products are also sold in other states and territories. In addition to Victoria, recalls have been issued in NSW, South Australia, the Northern Territory and the ACT.

Brands/products on the recall list:

  • SupaSalad (SupaSalad 180g, Green Coral 180g, Supamix 1kg, Spinach 1kg, Rocket 1kg, Baby Cos 1kg, Spinach 180g)
  • Wash N Toss (Watercress 100g, Sorrell 50g, Baby Cos 100g, Spinach 100g, Salad Mix 100g, Rocket 100g, Kale 100g)
  • Coles Salad (Spinach 60g, Rocket 60g and 120g, Spinach and Rocket 120g, Spinach 120g, 4 Leaf Mix 120g and 200g)
  • Woolworths Salad (Spinach 100g, Rocket 100g, Salad Mix 100g)

The lettuce recall follows 28 cases of salmonella poisoning in the past month. If you have purchased any of the aforementioned products, you are advised to either return them for a refund or dispose of them safely.

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  • It’s funny… ok not funny but disgusting, on Monday i cut into a woolworths lettuce and it was slimy and wrong, i took it back and got a new one with my money back.

  • I got hit up on Monday morning about 2am after eating 4 leaf salad mix on the Sunday night.
    Its not a pleasant feeling at all… but I’m amazed that Coles and Wollies all just say “return for a refund”. How bout those like us who spent 3/4 days suffering in bed because their salad was contaminated with faecal matter?

    I also despise the use of “salmonella contamination” when it actually means faeces….

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