How To Get 2GB Of Free Google Drive Storage

It's Safer Internet Day today and Google is encouraging users of its online services to do a security check on their accounts by offering up a bonus 2GB of storage on Google Drive as a reward. Here's how you can claim the extra storage.

Safer Internet Day aims to promote the use of online technologies in a safe and responsible manner. To celebrate the day, Google is offering up 2GB of added free Google Drive storage to users that go through the process of reviewing the security measures that are put in place on their accounts.

To do this, you have to head over to the Security Check-Up page and log into your Google account. You will then be prompted to check the following:

  • Your recovery information (recovery email, mobile number and secret question)
  • Recent security events
  • Connected devices
  • Account permissions

Once that's done, 2GB of free Google Drive storage will be automatically added to your account.

Happy Safer Internet Day!


    Done and done. Very handy to have an extra 2GB for free with the current Google Photos storage counting towards your total.

    UPDATE - It appears that you will get another 2GB on top of last years bonus. Yay.
    Spoilered the incorrect info

    PSA: You will not get another 2GB if you did this last year :(

    Last edited 09/02/16 3:02 pm

    Also done and done, but no additional storage added that I can see.
    Was 15GB before, is still 15GB after the check.
    Anyone else??

      Check your total here

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