GitHub Enterprise 2.5 Brings Additional Support To Growing Development Teams

Code repository hosting service GitHub has updated its enterprise offering to provide more support for development teams within large companies. GitHub Enterprise 2.5 is focused on making it easier for teams to add new users to their software projects, facilitating secure collaboration and weeding out performance issues that crop up when working with large groups of developers.

When development teams grow, things can get confusion and software projects become harder to manage. For teams that have thousands of developers working on the same project, GitHub Enterprise 2.5 now has clustering to help administrators add more users to large installations. It allows services that make up GitHib Enteprise to be scaled out across multiple nodes. Customers that want to turn on the feature are advised to contact a GitHub account representative because the process can be a bit tricky.

Enterprise 2.5 now also has protected branches and administrators of the repositories can disable code from being pushed to specific branches. This is to avoid team members overwriting each other’s work by accident, which can happen when you’re working with thousands of people in a group.

To ensure consistent performance among GitHub Enterprise users, the compaby has introduced a new way of caching. As GitHub explains:

For teams working on bigger software projects, large CI farms or similar collections of clients that perfom git fetch for large amounts of data at almost the same time can cause a substantial CPU and RAM load on our fileservers. With GitHub Enterprise 2.5, we have improved our resilience to the degraded performance that can happen with “thundering herds.”

GitHub as a company is undergoing some significant changes as it ramps up efforts in the enterprise space. This is yet another move to win over more enterprise customers.

You can find out more about the new features on GitHub Enterprise 2.5 over at the company’s official blog.

[Via GitHub blog]

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