GitHub Adds Browser File Uploading To Hosted Repositories

GitHub Adds Browser File Uploading To Hosted Repositories

New GitHub features are always welcome, though some a certainly more useful than others. On the “less handy” end of the spectrum is the recent addition of file uploading via the browser to your GitHub-hosted repositories.

The feature, which should now be available to all GitHub repos, doesn’t circumvent Git or anything like that — the files are added like a regular commit, even allowing the user to type in a commit message.

If you’re reading this news and asking “Why?”, you’re not the only one. For anyone familiar with using Git from the command line, or a front-end such as SourceTree, the odds of using GitHub directly like this are remote.

It could come in useful, however, in situations where you don’t have access to your regular tools, or just need to quickly add something to a repo, though it feels like a move to make GitHub a more general-purpose solution for storing files, one less reliant on the user having the right programs installed.

Upload files to your repositories [GitHub]


  • That one has me smh. Upload a file with a commit message sure, but then you have no local copy of the repo, you have to download it back to your disk.

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