Get A Quick Weather Forecast With A Terminal Command

Get a Quick Weather Forecast with a Terminal Command

Mac: When it comes to weather forecasts, you have hundreds of options for getting a forecast. But if you prefer to never leave the command line, OS X Daily points out a simple command that will snag today's forecast for you, no extra software required. All you'll need to do is use the finger protocol to ping a server. Open up your command line tool of choice, then type in the following command, substituting your city's name in place of "city":

finger [email protected]

For example, to get the forecast for Los Angeles, you'd type in:

finger [email protected]

With that, you'll get a daily forecast in Celsius. If you'd prefer a prettier forecast, Wego is much snazzier looking or you can make a quick script that simplifies the information better than does.

Get Weather Reports from the Command Line with finger [OS X Daily]


    Considering it returns a forecast of 33 for Melbourne (and it specifies Australia, so it's not Melbourne, FL) when the BOM forecast temp is 25, I wouldn't trust it.

    That command returns incorrect data, so i guess they just make it up.

    To get the real weather from our BOM use this oneliner:

    curl | awk '{gsub("#"," \t",$0); print;}'

    I find 3 spaces before the \t formats it fairly nicely YKMMV

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