Dealhacker: Xbox One, Tomb Raider & Rise Of The Tomb Raider For $423 (Today Only)

With Valentine's Day behind us, February has no other special days for gift-giving. So why not get yourself a nice present? How about console-shaped one with Tomb Raider-like protuberances, for a reasonable $423?

This deal, which includes a 1TB Xbox One and both of the newer Tomb Raider games, comes way of eBay and Target. If you hit up the product page on the popular auction site, you'll see the bundle is available for $529.

However, as OzBargain user TRENT86 points out, by entering the code CTARGET at checkout, you'll get a 20 per cent discount ($105.80), bringing the total to $423.20.

Note that the offer — well the coupon, more accurately — ends today.

It's a great deal, especially if you haven't played either title. Easily a couple of weeks gaming in there.

NEW Xbox One 1TB Console & Rise Of The Tomb Raider Bundle [eBay, via OzBargain]


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