Dealhacker: Get A Year’s Worth Of Carl’s Jr Burgers For Free

Dealhacker: Get A Year’s Worth Of Carl’s Jr Burgers For Free

After teasing Aussies for nearly two years, salacious US burger joint Carl’s Junior is finally opening its first Australian store tomorrow morning. To mark the occasion, the company is offering 12 months of free burgers to the first 50 people who pass through its doors. Here are the details.

At 10am tomorrow, Carl’s Junior will open in Bateau Bay near The Entrance on NSW’s Central Coast. If you’re among the first 50 customers, you’ll receive a special voucher that entitles you to eat there free for an entire year. Details are currently scarce on how these vouchers actually work. Presumably they are limited to a finite number of visits per week/month (if only to ensure the survival of the voucher holder.)

For those unfamiliar with the brand, Carl’s Jr is a “premium” fast food chain that is perhaps best known for its blatantly racy advertising. It falls somewhere between McDonald’s and Grill’d in terms of price and quality. You can read our taste-test verdict on one of its signature burgers here.

According to the company’s local franchise holder, the next stores are slated to appear at Brisbane Airport and Hobart Airport sometime in June. (No word on whether similar freebies will be offered to red-eye flyers.)

If you live in the Bateau Bay area, we suggest camping outside the store tonight — the lineup is gurranteed to be huge.

[Via Daily Telegraph]


  • “Bateau Bay near The Entrance on NSW’s South Coast”

    Although, Bateau Bay is near The Entrance, it is not on the NSW South Coast, but on the Central Coast. South Coast = Vic border to Sydney, Central Coast is north of Sydney.

  • And now I’m starting to regret not travelling for work anymore, could have gotten Carl’s Jr at the airport!

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