Dealhacker: Get 12GB Of Data For $50 A Month With Virgin Mobile

The mobile data wars just keep getting better. In response to recent data bumps from Optus and Telstra, Virgin Mobile has hit back with one of the best deals we've seen in recent memory. For a limited time, new and existing customers can nab 12GB for $50 per month on Optus' 4G network.

Until the end of March, Virgin Mobile is increasing data on its $50 SIM-only plan from 4GB to a massive 12GB per month. Best of all, the deal is ongoing with no expiry date.

The plan is open to users swapping from another network (sans Optus) as well as existing Virgin customers looking to upgrade their existing plan. The deal also includes unlimited national calls, texts and MMS.

In addition, there's a $300 allowance for international calls or messages and a month of free access to Presto which includes 2GB of bonus data. There's also a $40 plan which includes 6GB of data per month, but the $50 definitely provides better bang for buck.

[Via Virgin Mobile]


    Grab the $50 plan quickly! I have confirmed with the chat that it is an error, but if you purchase it, it is valid until you change your plan!

    Funny sort of error (being exactly the amount of change that brings virgin back into contention). Those considering this offer might also want to check out optus' own plan. Same network, same details except 14 GB and $40 a month. 12 month contract though and new customers only though.

    Correction. The $40 optus plan is only 7gb. The nearest optus offering is $50 too, but maxes out at 10 gb. It is however a month to month contract.

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