Day One 2 Overhauls The Journaling App, Adds Multiple Journals And Photos

iOS/Mac: Day One has long been the go-to journaling app for Apple devices. It’s feature rich, well designed and consistently updated. Today, a new version launches for both iOS and Mac with a few added features and a new price tag.

The somewhat awkwardly named Day One 2 adds in a bunch of new features. You can now keep multiple journals at once and add multiple photos to each entry. You can also give each journal a custom colour and name. This makes it a lot easier to keep your journals separated, so you can keep one private journal, another for travel and whatever else. The iOS version also adds in a new map view so you can see which journal entries were created at specific locations.

There’s a catch though. The app’s not a free upgrade and actually comes with a pretty hefty price increase. The iOS version is launching at $7.99 for the week, which is half its regular price. The Mac app is launching at $30.99, before doubling after a week, which makes sense for a lot of reasons, but is still a pretty tough pill to swallow if you’ve already purchased the original versions.

Day One 2 ($7.99 on sale) [iTunes App Store]
Day One 2 ($30.99 on sale) [Mac App Store]


  • No more Dropbox support means you are now tied to their sync service. No thanks.

    One of Day One’s key advantages was that the data was always there, in the clear, for you to access. It’s all in obscurely named xml and jpeg files, but non-the-less the data is not tied up in some proprietary, in accessible format.

    Also, we needed video support more than we needed multiple photo support. You can easily just create multiple entries for those rare occasions where more than one photo is required, but you can’t do anything with Video at all.

    I use Day One obsessively (I have over 12,000 entries, and make several entries a day). I have had a nagging concern for awhile now that the day would come that I would have to find another solution. I’ll keep using Day One 1 for as long as I can, but sooner or later the search will have to begin for an alternative.

    What we really need is some kind of open source diary format.

    It’s a shame that DevonThink’s mobile app is so bad, because I’d be inclined to move everything into that.

    I suspect that in the end I’ll be using some kind of textfile based system.

    • And then, less than a week later, Day One on iOS has suddenly started to repeatedly upload 1650 duplicate entries. It’s like some nasty time-bomb, though I’m sure (well, probably sure) that it’s not on purpose, but I’ve never seen anything like that before.

      The only course of action is to delete the iOS app and start again, but of course I can’t download the app from the app store so I have to deal with the dreaded iTunes.

      Also, the flow on effects of this ‘upgrade’ are that I can basically never update my iPhone OS again (not that I want to, I’m so over Apple’s regular new set of bugs) because I can’t risk that the new iOS version will be incompatible the now defunct version.

      There just don’t seem to be any good alternatives. The MacJournal iOS app has such limited functionality. Evernote is another proprietary service. Devonthink I’ve already mentioned. RedNoteBook is desktop only. OneNote is a mess. All other alternatives seem to be completely text based only.

      For me this has been a core part of my life, Day One and Overcast are the 2 killer apps that keep me on iOS. I guess the good news is that I am now one step closer to being able to seriously consider Android, something I never thought I’d do.

      What I need is a way to store text and photos (and maybe audio/video) in a non-proprietary format that can be synced between mobile and desktop, that is usable offline and that is searchable offline. There doesn’t’ seem to be any solution out there. How can that be?

  • Day One 2 is really bad, full of bugs and the change of the terms of use is appalling: they own everything you write. Also they said they will keep updating Day one classic but they removed it from Apple Store and now they are renaming Day one 2 Day one. What a con!!!

  • It’s currently showing as $46.99 in the AU Mac App Store, and it’s not even Feb 17th yet (when the introductory offer is supposed to end).
    Day One/Bloom Built have not responded to any comments on Twitter or Facebook yet about this.

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