Buy Your Valentine's Day Flowers Now To Save Money

Buy Your Valentine's Day Flowers Early to Save Money

Buying a bouquet of roses for your sweetheart on Valentine's Day guarantees their freshness, but they might also cost you almost double the usual price. You might want to consider buying them early — like right now.

Photo by Colby Stopa.

Leah Libresco at FiveThirtyEight spoke with multiple florists and found that, yes, the cost of flowers (specifically roses) goes up on Valentine's Day. However, Libresco also found out that roses won't start to wilt for at least five to seven days if they're properly cared for.

If you buy your roses early, you'll avoid paying the extra cost, and they will still look great for a few days after Valentine's Day. Better yet, Libresco suggests you look into buying some other, heartier flowers that will take even longer to start wilting. Carnations and orchids look nice, smell great, and won't start to wilt for almost two weeks. You can learn more about getting Valentine's Day flowers on the cheap at the link below.

The Cheapskate's Guide To Buying Flowers For Valentine's Day [FiveThirtyEight]


    Or buy flowers other than roses. I got my girl some oriental lilies.

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