Aussies Think A Pub Is The Best Place To Find Love

Pubs aren't known for their classy atmosphere and usually serves as a meeting point for mates who just want to enjoy while watching sports game. But a majority of Australians believe a pub is the perfect place to find love, according to one study.

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Cashless app maker recently surveyed 2024 Australians and 72 per cent of respondents aged between 30 and 39 considered their local pub to be a place where they can find love. For 40-somethings, this figure goes down to 67 per cent while for those in their 20s, 57 per cent of them favoured pubs as well.

"If you think it's all about finding your perfect match online, think again. Our research tells us that more than half of us look for love offline," CEO and co-founder Greg Taylor said. "Pubs are not dead in the water and I think the reason that they are a good place for a date is the calibre of food and range of drinks that many pubs are now offering – and many have revamped their restaurants or bistros, making the experience almost equivalent to high-end dining, but in a relaxed atmosphere.

"Plus, they are offering too-good-to-be-true deals which the more exclusive restaurants are less likely to offer."

For people in their 50s and 60s, looking for love in a pub becomes less desirable with only 54 per cent and 46 per cent, respectively, thinking they can find a significant other in that type of venue. Overall, 64 per cent saw a pub as a good place to take somebody out on a first date to.

Where will you be taking your date to on Valentine's Day? Will it be a pub? Let us know in the comments.


    The problem with going to the pub to find love is that you're likely to find a pub-goer which may be something you don't cherish if you had to be told to go to the pub in order to find love.

      Find love in the place where people who fit your criteria go.
      Man seeks hottie? Join a netball team.
      Woman seeks buff? Join a gym.
      Man seeks gamer? Join board-gaming clubs.
      Woman seeks thinker? Join the skeptics society.
      If you seek a drunk, join the pub.

        >If you seek a drunk, join the pub

        I often go to the pub and don't get drunk, but thanks for the sweeping generalisation :)

          Not all netballers are hotties.
          We both understand I was generalising. ;)

    I'm not sure what the article is trying to say?
    Pubs are a great place for dates or...
    you can meet someone you've never met before for a potential new love interest at the pub?

    Cashless app maker recently surveyed 2024 Australians at the local pub....

      because so many pubs offer "cashless" services... I thought this odd too!
      I work in a pub and can tell you that pretty much most people over 30 are like NO DON'T USE PAYPASS! Instead they insist on using their pin EVERYTIME.

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