Airmail For iPhone Is An Email App For People Who Love To Customise

Airmail For iPhone Is An Email App For People Who Love To Customise

iOS: Airmail has long been our favourite email app in the uncluttered market of Mac apps, and yesterday it arrived on the iPhone where it’s up against much stiffer competition. While it doesn’t have one trick that separates it from the others, it does let you do just about whatever the heck you want with it.

On the surface, Airmail is a traditional email app. You get the basics like a unified inbox, support for most email providers and a customisable sidebar to navigate your email. Airmail does have some modern conventions, like the ability to snooze email, save them as memos or change them into to-dos, but Airmail doesn’t reinvent the wheel here. In short, unlike other email apps on the iPhone, Airmail doesn’t rethink email, it just does email, which isn’t a bad thing by any means. What really sets Airmail apart from the likes of Spark or Outlook is its incredible amount of power user features.

Airmail is possibly the most customisable email app I’ve ever used. You can change simple things like account colours, icons or label colours. You can set highlights for both read and unread email. You can change the length of message previews. You can set up toggles for remote images, to search the spam folder, set default attachment download times and even change how notifications look. Airmail also integrates with a ton of third-party apps like Wunderlist, Trello, 2Do and Fantastical, and you can even set up custom swipe actions to send emails to those apps. For people who don’t like a ton of notifications, Airmail also has a VIP option similar to the one built into Apple Mail so you only get notifications from people you approve. It’s incredible how much you can customise here, enough so that it’s best displayed in GIF form:

It’s hard to run through every single possible customisation option in Airmail, but rest assured, if you’ve been pining for an email app that you can really toy around with, Airmail’s the one you want.

Airmail ($7.99) [iTunes App Store]