Yahoo7 Woos Local App Developers With Mobile Developer Suite

Yahoo7 has launched its Mobile Developer Suite for Australia and New Zealand that contains tools to help local developers promote and monetise their apps. Here's what you need to know.

The software development kit (SDK) is part of Yahoo7's advertising business. According to the company, over 200,000 developers are already using Yahoo tools to build their app businesses including Angry Birds, Shazam and SnapChat.

One of the draw card of the Yahho7 Mobile Developer Suite is the inclusion of Flurry analytics which measures, tracks and analyses app performance, user acquisition and in-app activity. It is used by over 730,000 apps across two billion mobile devices worldwide to track user behaviour to help developers improve their products.

Other key features of the SDK includes Yahoo App Marketing to help apps reach the right audience and Yahoo App Publishing that helps developers monetise their apps through access to advertising formats.

You can find out more about Yahoo7's Mobile Developer Suite over at its website.


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