Why Juice Cleanses Are A Waste Of Time

People are obsessed with detoxing after the holiday season, as the guilt of consuming enough food for a family of four over a two week period creeps up on them in the New Year. Juice cleanses are popular during this time. Sadly, they simply don't work.

As the name suggests, participants of juice cleanses consume nothing but juice for a few days or weeks with the hopes that it would rid their bodies of toxins, reset their digestive systems and assist with weight loss.

Their motivation is sound but, unfortunately, juice cleanses don't work. The folks over at SciShow breakdown the process of these juice cleanses and address why they don't work at a scientific level. Those toxins that juice cleanses are meant to abolish are already expelled by the human body naturally. As for the weight loss from juice cleanses? They can actually do more harm than good.

Watch the video to watch Hank Green from SciShow debunk the claims of juice cleanses.

[Via SciShow YouTube Channel]


    How do I passive aggressively send this link to first-job-out-of-uni female professionals?

      Whenever they talk about this, be really concerned and ask what sort of kidney disease they have that has stopped removing these toxins. Also, try and find out what they are. No one can tell me what these toxins actually are.

    "and address why they don’t work at a scientific level. "

    But science doesn't know everything!
    - Every snake-oil salesperson ever.

    The all-natural crowd loves this detox nonsense but seem to ignore the fact the human body already has all-natural methods of detoxing: your kidneys and liver. I wonder why they don't tell you that at the health-food store?

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