What Phrases In Job Ads Turn You Off The Most? 

I don't know about you, but every time I see "fast-paced environment" in a job ad, I think that place might be Wall Street-level intense. Job seekers and former job seekers alike, what are the phrases in job ads that make you most wary? George Takei posted this funny/often-true graphic on Facebook the other day — a reminder to take into consideration the hidden meaning behind phrases in job ads. Though aimed at software developers, many of the phrases are used by recruiters in other industries.

What Phrases in Job Ads Turn You Off the Most?

What phrases make you more hesitant about applying for that job or company?


    The above list is very accurate. I would add:

    Excellent employee benefits = low pay

    When they say "fun work environment". This may rarely be true, but experience tells me it is lies.
    = We are really desperate!

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    Any where the title of the ad has a question mark at the end

    Definitely very true to me for a lot of these. Others include
    - "We're looking for the best/most vibrant/brightest/remarkable" because usually it means they employ people who bullshiz a lot (usually means they employ people that believe there better then everyone else at something, or bullshiz there way into making sound like they know everything).
    - When I hear "need someone who is very hard working" it typically means they believe the job work involved is more then what it should be (if it was the right amount, they wouldn't think it was harder)
    - "we are the forefront employers of women/aboriginal/minority group" typically means they employ minority groups before other workers instead of skill based to be able to cash in on the "diversity" thing.
    -"sound decision-making skills" you will be left alone, largely without any direction

    Hate anyone looking for a something-superstar. Are you twelve?

    "Family business" = Its your fault the bosses neice fucked your pay up for three weeks in a row, and we want you to be the manager for 60k a year, but we wont listen to you.

    Occasion overtime - Say goodbye to your life for no reward

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