Use The Two Transaction Account System To Automate Your Budget

Use the Two Checking Account System to Automate Your Budget

Whenever we talk about budgeting, we usually discuss separating out your expenses into different categories. However, this is usually a mental exercise. Physically separating that money into separate accounts, though, might make budgeting easier. Photo by David Goehring.

As personal finance blog Three Thrifty Guys explains in their 8-minute video course, using a two transaction account system allows you to keep one account constantly fed with the money you budget for fixed expenses. You can then use a second account for variable expenses and extra spending. The course has more details on how to set up a system like this at the source link below. The course is free, but the site will simply ask for an email address to share the video to.

7 Steps to Automate Your Finances and Gain Freedom — 2 Checking Account System Course Launch [Three Thrifty Guys]


    Yep I've been doing this for years, automatically transfer a set amount from my main account to my debit card spending account each week. It's the equivalent of meal portion control.

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