Use An Egg Carton To Transport Small, Delicate Dishes

Whether you're going to family's for dinner or a pot luck with friends, getting your treats from your kitchen to where they will be eaten in one piece is a challenge. This guide from Cooks' Illustrated has several tips to help, including using an egg carton lines in plastic wrap for pastries or delicate hors d'oeuvres.

The egg carton tip alone is enough to make a difference, especially if you're travelling with bite-sized treats like small tarts, pastries, deviled eggs, or something else you'd like to keep separate and clean. They also have some other suggestions, like using a short box with Xs cut out in the top to transport cupcakes without squishing the frosting, or even using a bamboo steamer to get the job done if you don't have a cupcake tin. They also include one of our all-time favourites, using dried pasta or toothpicks and plastic wrap to transport a cake without messing up the frotsing.

Hit the link below to see them all, as well as a few suggestions for travel gear to get you through the party season.

How to Transport Goodies Safely [Cooks' Illustrated]


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