Last Week's Top Downloads

Every week, we share a number of downloads for all platforms to help you get things done. Here are the top downloads from last week.

You Need a Budget's New Web App Runs In Any Browser, Switches to a Subscription Pricing Model

This Week's Top Downloads

You Need a Budget has long been one of the most popular personal finance tools around and it's launching a new web app that comes with a new pricing model.

Review Sceptic Makes It Easy to Spot Fake Hotel Reviews

This Week's Top Downloads

Fake reviews are everywhere online. If you want to check whether a particular hotel's reviews are real before you book it, the Review Sceptic tool can help.

See If Your PC Is VR-Ready With the Oculus Rift Compatibility Tool

This Week's Top Downloads

Preorders for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset are finally open to all, but you'll need a beefy computer running Windows to use it. This tool will check your system and see what you need to upgrade so you're ready come launch in May.

AutoNotification and Tasker Combine to Create Tons of Custom Notifications

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: Half of the immense power of Tasker comes from third-party plugins. AutoNotification allows you to create powerful notification panels with Tasker. The newest version can even add over 50 buttons to a single notification.

ClutchPoints Gives You all the NBA Game Updates You Need in One Place

This Week's Top Downloads

iOS/Android: If you're trying to follow an NBA game and you don't have cable or you're not in front of a TV, you can always keep tabs on the score from your phone. ClutchPoints not only gives you the score, it shows you real-time plays, video, detailed stats, and more.

The Hazy Desktop

This Week's Top Downloads

Clearer skies would be ideal, but joergermeister manages to take this hazy cityscape and turn it into a remarkable desktop. If you like the look, here's what you need to get to make it your own.

BitBar Stuffs All Kinds of Customisable Info In Your Mac's Menu Bar

This Week's Top Downloads

Mac: The menu bar is a great place to store tiny bits of information, whether that's weather, a calendar, current IP address, or what's currently playing on Spotify. BitBar allows you to create your own little menu bar information icons, no coding required.

Camera MX Brings iOS-Style Live Photos to Android

This Week's Top Downloads

Android: There are plenty of alternative camera apps on Android, so it's a little hard to stand out. Camera MX is doing a decent job though, most recently by adding Live Shots, which allow you to capture brief videos, in an easily shareable format.

Songlink Lets You Create Music Links With Multiple Listening Options

This Week's Top Downloads

Lots of music services let you share songs with others using direct links, but that can be messy when there are so many different music services out there. Songlink makes it easier to share songs with a wider audience by letting people decide where they want to listen when they click the link.


    You're still recommending LastPass?
    After it got hacked?

      Whoops! This article was written and scheduled the week before that news broke. Apologies for not catching it.

        I do appreciate the weekly download roundup btw, often they list cool things I'd never search for merely because I'd never imagine them.

    Your link for The Hazy Desktop is Page Not Found.

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