The Music Lover’s Corner Workspace

The Music Lover’s Corner Workspace

One monitor dedicated to music, and another completely for getting things done? We can get along with that idea. Jan Smedemark submitted this sharp but practical workspace, and as fellow music lovers, we appreciate his priorities.

It’s a pretty simple setup actually, one that we can see on anyone’s desk, if they wanted it. One monitor in portrait mode makes for easy reading and scrolling through long documents, but right now it’s an awesome way to find and keep track of what’s playing in your Spotify playlists (or whatever other music player/service you prefer.) Think of it as mission control for what’s coming out of those speakers while you work. Then, the widescreen in the center is clearly the primary monitor — the one where the real work gets done.

Jan has this to say about his setup:

Got my two monitors, the 69cm ASUS MX279H as the main screen and my old LG1780Q as my secondary. The secondary primarily runs Spotify and other stuff.
The mouse is (of course) the Logitech MX Performance. Keyboard is also Logitech, K280e, which I see as a great alternative for the much more expensive Illuminated, which I also have.
The speakers are a 2.1 system from Empire. On the desk you’ll also see the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact.

But that’s not all – he actually manages the cables under that desk pretty neatly. There’s an power strip mounted to the underside of his desk, and all of the cables are neatly zip-tied together, including the ones that go to the subwoofer under the desk and to the outlet in the wall. Check out this photo below:

The Music Lover’s Corner Workspace

It’s not the designer-y-est workspace we’ve featured, but it takes a practical approach that I really like — and the post-it notes on the wall on the right side are a nice little organizational touch, too.

The Workspace [Flickr]

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