The Cyber Security Issues You Should Be Watching For In 2016 [Infographic]

With our increasingly digital lives, security is something that everyone should be thinking about. Malicious mobile apps in particular are on the rise, along with compromised cloud data accounts. But being aware of the issues is the first step to protect yourself.

Last year Australians lost $1.2 Billion to Cybercrime. That's a staggeringly huge number, with thefts ranging from identities, to stolen money, to unwillingly paid ransomware.

There are always new threats to be aware of, from Fileless Malware to Broadband router attacks. More and more smart devices are now connected to the internet, from cars to flying toys, giving further avenues of attack. Even the Chinese Military are allegedly getting in on the game.

It's not just issues with purposeful attacks on our data - ongoing debates over issues such as online encryption threaten cyber security.

On the flip side, security vendors are quick to spruik their products, but more is not always better.

One of the best ways to protect yourself is simply with education about the issues, making it easier to recognise a potential problem or suspect bit of software or website before it is too late.

IT Security company Cybernetic Global Intelligence has put together a handy infographic on some of the bigger trends and threats to expect in 2016.

[Via Cybernetic Global Intelligence]


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